Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard was born In Newport Beach, California, into a middle class family. She was an amazing swimmer from a young age, qualifying for the Olympics at 14 and winning 3 medals. After that, she competed in 3 more Olympics, winning 4 more medals. Winning 7 medals total, Beard is recognized as one of the greatest female swimmers of all time.

Throughout her life, Beard has dealt with depression and body dysmorphia. The pressure of being a young Olympian led Beard to fall into depression. She also developed body dysmorphia after having to always wear a swimsuit, and having to feel skinny to appear in ads. Beard was able to overcome these struggles though, and have a great career.

Beard has been open about his struggles, talking about her depression and body image openly. She has talked about the importance of destigmatizing depression and body positivity, and is a great inspiration to young women across the country.

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