Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow was born in Tampa, Florida, to a middle class family. She did some modeling growing up, and started her acting career as a kid in the soap opera Guiding Light. She had her breakthrough in Pitch Perfect, and since then has been in all the sequels, and other movies like Would You Rather and Hangman. 

During her life, Snow has struggled with depression, anxiety, and anorexia. She struggled from severe anxiety, and struggled just to move through life. She also struggled with body dysmorphia, and hated the way she looked. However, Snow was able to get help, and still get to where she is today.

Snow is a great advocate for destigmatizing mental health. She spoke about her struggles early in her life, and talked about how important it was for her to find help and find support. She is a great role model and inspiration to everybody struggling with anxiety and eating disorders.

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