Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow grew up in Tampa, Florida, in a Middle Class family. She began her modeling career shortly after she graduated from High School, and got her first role in CBS’ Guiding Light. She found her breakthrough role in American Dreams, winning 3 Teen Choice Awards. Since then, she has appeared in films like The Pacifier, Pitch Perfect, and Hangman. 

However, despite this success in the acting world, Snow has dealt with many mental health struggles. During her early career, Snow dealt with anorexia and depression. She described feeling bad about her own body, and wanting to harm herself. Despite being a very well known actress, Snow still felt bad about herself.

Today, Snow is doing much better. She has talked about how she got through these struggles, and was able to get her confidence back. Snow has also discussed the importance of sharing your struggles when you are ready, and having a strong support system. Now, Snow continues to be a successful actor, and a strong advocate for mental health awareness, especially for young women.

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