CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia was born in Vallejo, California, in a relatively poor family. He played 3 sports in High School, and got a scholarship to play baseball and football at Hawaii. However, he was drafted in the MLB, and started his pro career. During his career, Sabathia was a 6 time all star, and won both a Cy Young and a World Series.

During his life, Sabathia has struggled with alcohol addiction. Sabathia would stay out late, and drink a lot, and when he lost his dad, his addiction got worse. Sabathia eventually had to take a break from baseball, and was able to get sober. He still was able to have a happy and successful life, and was able to overcome his addiction.

Sabathia has been open about his addiction, speaking about his struggles. He has also been an advocate for destigmatizing addiction, and helping addicts find treatment. Sabathia is a great inspiration to all those dealing with addiction.

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