Frank Gore

Frank Gore grew up in Miami, Florida. From a young age, it was apparent he had a lot of talent on the football field. After attending high school, Gore got a scholarship to attend Miami, where he won a national championship. After college, Gore played 15 years in the NFL, appearing in 5 Pro Bowls and rushing for 16,000 yards. 

Gore’s success did not come without challenges and hard work though. Gore suffers from a severe form of dyslexia, making reading and writing very challenging. In fact, Gore struggled so much that he was unable to graduate high school, and had to obtain a special education degree. Despite these challenges, Gore not only played in the NFL, but got his degree from Miami. 

Today, Gore is an advocate for children with dyslexia. He has been open about his struggles, and shown that it is a thing that many people deal with. Gore is a great example for children with dyslexia, and shows that you can get far in life with dyslexia.

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