Greg Louganis

Greg Louganis was born in El Cajon, and adopted by his parents. Louganis didn’t play many sports as a kid, and instead did dance and gymnastics. After going to college for theatre, he was discovered in the Junior Olympics, and he started diving. During his diving career, he won 4 Gold Medals, and is generally regarded as the greatest diver ever.

During his childhood, Louganis struggled with dyslexia and bullying. In school, he struggled to complete work, and his dyslexia wasn’t really recognized. Louganis also was bullied for doing gymnastics and for his Samoan descent, but he was able to persevere through this bullying and still succeed.

Louganis has been a great advocate for people struggling with these issues, and also for LGBTQ rights. He has shown that you can deal with bullying, and deal with dyslexia, and still become a very successful person, and he is a great inspiration to everybody.

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