Imani Boyette

Imani Boyette was born in Los Angeles, California, and from a young age she had a passion for basketball. She worked hard, and earned a scholarship to play at Texas. After 4 seasons at Texas, Boyette was a first round pick in the WNBA. Today, she has had a successful WNBA career, and now she plays in Australia for the Perth Lynx.

However, Boyette’s story is one of much more than success. During high school, Boyette battled depression. She had an abusive family, and this abuse drove her to be suicidal. Boyette overdosed on pills 3 times, driven to attempt suicide by her abuse and lack of support. 

Despite these struggles, Boyette still overcame, and got to where she is today. In college, she was given the Honda Inspiration Award, given to an athlete who overcame hardship. She is an advocate for mental health today, and has spoken about the importance of getting young women support.

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