Joey Votto

Joey Votto was born in Toronto, Canada, into a middle class family. Growing up, he always wanted to play baseball, and his hard work paid off when he was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds out of high school. Since then, Votto has been an all star 6 times, has won an MVP award, has over 2000 hits, and is regarded as the greatest Canadian player of all time.

Throughout his life, Votto has struggled with anxiety. When his dad died, Votto started to deal with anxiety attacks, and even had to miss games because of his anxiety. Votto was able to find help though, and still become a very successful player.

Votto has been open about his struggles with anxiety, even talking about how he had to take games off because of anxiety. Votto has helped break down the stigma around anxiety, and is a great inspiration to everybody struggling with anxiety.

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