Kevin Love

Kevin Love grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon. He is the son of former NBA player Stan Love, and grew up playing basketball. Love was a top recruit in the country coming out of high school, and went to UCLA. After 1 year at UCLA, Love was picked in the NBA draft. Now, he is a 5 time NBA all star and NBA champion.

In March of 2018, Love became one of the first Athletes to speak out about Mental Health. Love published an article in the Players Tribune where he talked about his Mental Health struggles. Love detailed times when he had panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. He discussed the stigma around mental health, especially for men, and his experience as an athlete who is supposed to be a “man.” Love also opened the door for many other athletes to share their stories, and has shown that anyone, even a famous, rich, strong athlete can go through mental health struggles. 

Since then, Love has started a foundation, the Kevin Love Fund, which has committed to helping people improve their emotional and physical well-being. Love has also written multiple articles in the Players Tribune talking about Mental Health and encouraging people to be open about their mental health.

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