Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Phelps started swimming at a young age as an outlet for his energy, and he would later be with ADHD. Almost immediately it would become apparent that would become great, as he set national records for his age at 10, and eventually qualified for the Olympics at 15. Phelps would go on to become the great swimmer we all know today, winning 23 gold medals in 4 different Olympics, and is widely regarded as the greatest swimmer ever, and one of the best athletes ever.

Behind all the success and fame that Phelps had, he also has had many struggles. As a young kid, Phelps was bullied for having a lisp and big ears, among other things, which led to severe anxiety. He was able to overcome this, but he still struggled with depression and anxiety throughout his later life. The pressure that accompanied the fame he had from a young age got to him, and he again suffered from anxiety, and had to take a break from swimming, retiring following the 2012 Olympics.

Phelps was able to triumph over his anxiety and depression, and returned to competition in 2014, and was able to take home 5 Gold Medals in the 2016 Olympics. Since then, Phelps has become more open about his struggles. He appeared in the film Angst, where he went in depth about his anxiety and depression, and has done many other interviews where he discussed them.

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