Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was born in Cypress, California. He attended Stanford on a golf scholarship, before finding success on the PGA Tour. During his still ongoing career, he won 15 Major Championships, becoming one of the most famous athletes in the world, and is generally regarded as the greatest golfer ever.

During his childhood, Tiger dealt with bullying. During golf competitions, Woods would often be the youngest player, and the only minority. He would feel like an outlier, and the other competitors would often exclude him and bully him. He also dealt with a stutter, and classmates would tease him for his stutter. Woods was motivated by these challenges though, and got to where he is today.

Tiger has also been a great role model for bullied kids. In 2015, he wrote a letter to a teen who was being bullied, sharing his story. He is a great inspiration that bullying doesn’t mean you aren’t a worthwhile person, and that you can still do great things even if you’re bullied.

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