Constance Wu

Constance Wu was born in Richmond, Virginia, the daughter of first generation Taiwanese immigrants. Growing up, she performed in local theaters, and graduated college with a degree in fine arts. She had her breakthrough role in the hit TV show Fresh Off the Boat, and since then she has been in movies like Crazy Rich Asians and Hustlers.

During her life, Wu has struggled with depression, bullying, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts. During her childhood, Wu was bullied, and dealt with bouts of depression. During her Hollywood career, she went through a lot of stress, and even considered suicide during periods of depression. She overcame all this though, and became a great and successful actress.

Wu has been a great advocate for those struggling with mental health. She has spoken about her struggles on social media, and is helping break down the stigma around mental health, especially in the Asian community.

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