Eric Nam

Eric Nam was born in Atlanta, Georgia, into an upper-middle class family. He didn’t know what he wanted to do during his early life, but after college he decided to pursue entertainment. In 2016, Nam had his breakthrough EP Interview, which made the charts in both the US and Korea. Since then, Nam has become one of the biggest K-Pop stars, and was even named Man of the Year in 2016 by GQ Korea.

During his life, Nam has struggled with anxiety, bullying, and depression. In school, people would bully him for his race, and spit on him. Later in his life, Nam has struggled with anxiety and depression, and even has a panic attack in 2021. Even though Nam has battled these struggles, he’s still had a very successful career.

Nam has been open about his experiences, talking about the importance of stopping bullying and destigmatizing mental health. He’s a great role model and inspiration to everybody dealing with these struggles, especially people in the Asian community.

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