Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper was born in New York City, into a wealthy family. He worked hard on his education, and got into Yale. He majored in Political Science, and started his career. He worked his way up, and today he is CNN’s lead anchor, and one of the most recognizable television hosts in the country.

As a kid, Cooper dealt with bullying and dyslexia. He struggled in school because of his dyslexia, and some other kids bullied him for it. Cooper was also gay, and dealt with the struggle of coming out. He was eventually bullied into coming out, which is very sad. However, Cooper overcame this, and got to where he is today.

Cooper has shown all different types of people that if you work hard, you can overcome adversity, and show all the people who want to see you fail that you are great. Cooper has shared his story, and been a great inspiration to so many people.

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