Carson Daly

Carson Daly was born in Santa Monica, California, into a middle class family. Growing up, he wanted to be a pro golfer, dropping out of high school to pursue golf. After his short golf career, Daly started working in radio, and in 1998 got a show on MTV. Since then, Daly has hosted his own show, Last Call With Carson Daly, and is one of the most recognized radio personalities in the country.

During his life, Daly has struggled with anxiety. Daly has Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and often deals with panic and anxiety attacks. It makes life hard for Daly, but he has been able to find treatment, and is still able to live a successful life.

Daly has been very open about his struggle with anxiety, talking about his experiences and how he got help. Daly has been an advocate for more mental health awareness, and is a great role model to everybody who is struggling with their mental health.

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