David Freese

David Freese was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, in a middle class family. After high school, he felt burned out on baseball, but after a few years started playing again. After being drafted by the San Diego Padres, Freese was traded to St. Louis, where he played for a lot of his career. During his whole career, Freese was an All Star and a World Series MVP.

Throughout his life, Freese has dealt with anxiety, depression, and alcohol abuse. He’s struggled with anxiety and depression his whole life, and it led him to drinking, and having periods of depression. However, Freese has been able to find help recently, and has still been able to have a very successful career. 

Freese has been very open about his struggles, talking about his anxiety and addiction, and also about the things that helped him get better. Freese is a great role model and inspiration to everybody struggling with these challenges.

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