Drew Brees

Drew Brees was born in Dallas, Texas, into a relatively wealthy family. Growing up, he was always interested in sports, playing 3 sports, and starring in football. He received a scholarship to Purdue, and after a good college career, was drafted. During his career, Brees was a 13 time Pro Bowler, passed for over 80,000 yards, and is generally regarded as one of the greatest Quarterbacks ever.

During his childhood, Brees dealt with bullying. Brees had a birthmark on his face, and kids would tease him for his appearance, and call him names. Brees often felt alone because of this, but he overcame the bullying and went on to be a great NFL player.

Brees has been a great advocate for bullied kids, doing ads on TV talking about his experiences, and being open about how important it is to stop bullying. Brees is a great inspiration to everybody dealing with bullying, and inspires many across the country.

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