Jewel was born in Payson, Utah, into an upper middle class Mormon family. Growing up, she wanted to be a singer, and started taking singing lessons as a teenager, and she released her first album Who Will Save Your Soul in 1995. Since then, Jewel has sold over 30 million albums, received 4 Grammy nominations, and is one of the most well known singers in the country.

As a kid, Jewel struggled with dyslexia and anxiety. In school, she struggled to read, and it also affected her ability to read music. She has also struggled with anxiety attacks during her career, but she overcame both these struggles and still became a successful musician.

Jewel has been outspoken about her struggles, talking about destigmatizing anxiety and dyslexia, and also donating to nonprofits supporting those dealing with these problems. She is a great role model and inspiration to everybody with dyslexia and anxiety.

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